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Summer Day Camps


Diamond Hills Sports Club and Spa offers weekly day camps for children ages five (must have completed Kindergarten) to twelve years old for six weeks during the summer.

Our friendly and well trained staff will provide a fun and safe environment where kids can learn, play, and grow. We offer creative weekly theme camps with exciting field trips. Our camps are extremely popular and a hit with the kids, so sign up early. You don't want to miss out!

Some of these wonderful themes are:

"Amazing Race"

Kids spend this week racing from country to country (okay, just around the club...) completing tasks, participating in challenges and earning stamps on their very own "passport". While visiting a country, the teams will learn about that nation and complete a task to earn points! Have your kids come travel and learn with us!

"Fun in the Sun"

Water... sun... and fun! This week is dedicated to exploring the many ways kids can have fun both in water and on land. It's a great theme for the middle of summer, and a big hit at the club.

"Stars'n Stripes"

Kids celebrate the Fourth of July by learning about our country's history through games, crafts and projects. There will be red, white and blue team completions focusing on games from the early settlers all the way up to present day!

"California Adventures"

In this locally-focused theme, kids explore California and the area we live in! Kids participating in this camp will do a variety of activities. They will "pan for gold" and make state cakes while learning the history of our local area.

"Mad Scientist"

Does your kid love science? Perhaps they want to be a... mad scientist? Then bring them to camp for this week and let's learn together! Experiments, observations and hands-on experience with science make this week truly "mad".

"Fun & Fitness"

It's time to get fit and have fun doing it! This camp week will be all about sports, games, exercise and fitness.